Grey Skies Tumble

Just because it ended doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful

to tell you

i want to tell you to never grow up to skip the up bits and the down bits and the bits that go from side to side- the busy bits … Continue reading

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let it happen

let the sun warm your face and the tobacco burn your lungs and the wind mess up your hair let your hands shake in the cold and the birds sing … Continue reading

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There’s a certain kind of solemnity to this sadness the kind that creeps up behind you and knocks your knees out from underneath you and runs away with your words … Continue reading

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Those girls that smoke in the park outside of school, put it out with a shift of weight and a heavy sigh, who talk about papers and which filters they … Continue reading

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Fear and self loathing battle inside me like wolves, like giant grisly bears, like tiny tigers that can’t stand the sight of each other. I learnt the word for beginning … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You A Story

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl who likes the idea that dinosaurs are still alive. She studied dinosaurs to no end, utterly fascinated by how brilliant … Continue reading

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Adore Me

press yourself against me hold me when i’m cold brush your face against mine hold my hands and help me to feed the ducks apply my lipstick and then smudge … Continue reading

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The Thing About The Silent Disco

The thing about the silent disco is that is a massively personal experience. It is dancing to music that only you can hear, whilst simultaneously dancing, singing, sharing with everyone … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Town

Today I sat in a coffee shop. Actually, I sat in three different coffee shops, but that’s completely irrelevant to this story in particular- this one involves a cinnamon stick. … Continue reading

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Knock Out

Sometimes, it takes my breath away, knocks me out and fills me with tears and leaves me wondering what the hell happened to me, who the hell have I become, … Continue reading

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The world will crash and tumble. These grey skies that line our thoughts and our moons will cave in and crash and behind them could be something devastatingly beautiful or … Continue reading

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